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In the new book, “Hope on a Rope: Lifelines for Knuckleheads,” First-time author Bill Paige examines the subject of hope through scriptures and personal anecdotes, describing with candor how he encountered issues that could have defeated him. He details how being effective in ministry did not prevent him from facing challenges that could have derailed his personal and spiritual life. But he overcame them and became victorious through his unwavering trust in God. Despite being tested, he never gave up. He never lost hope. In 16 chapters, the retired police officer and former youth chaplain describes how hope has been the singular influence that has kept him through tests and allowed him to share the blessings of a victorious life before audiences over the past 34 plus years. .

A gifted, passionate speaker, Bill Paige has brought a depth of life experiences including 20 years of police and detective work in and around the New York City metropolitan area to his audiences. He also served for 14 years as the associate chaplain at Children’s Village, working with emotionally disturbed boys in the city. He recently retired from 15 plus years of senior leadership in Young Life, most recently as a Special Assistant to the President.  An ordained minister, Bill has held month-long assignments at Young Life camp properties where he has spoken to thousands of young people regarding the basics of the Christian faith.

In addition, he has addressed chapel services for both
the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, including two opportunities to speak at the NFL Pro Bowl. He has appeared in talks at high school and college assemblies and traveled internationally to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

What people are saying.......

Hope on a Rope: Lifelines for Knuckleheads was a great read. Bill’s style and personality translate so well onto paper. As I read, I heard Bills voice with stories that made me laugh and insight that had me scrambling for paper and pen to take notes. Out of Faith, hope and love, I feel hope has been most neglected and yet, is most needed in so many lives. When you’ve failed, screwed up or even crashed in life... there is Jesus’ promises of HOPE just for you. I so recommend this book.
Pastor Peter Bruno, MetroChurch, Waldwick NJ
This is a wonderful book and a true testimony of God’s love and faithfulness. Bill is a gifted storyteller who has shared his faith in front of thousands. This book is inspiring, humorous and engaging. Through many challenges, Bill never lost hope – he clung to Jesus and only grew stronger in his faith. He encourages the reader to do the same.”
Pam Moore, Training Director of Young Life
I just completed reading Hope on a Rope” and found it to be a thought-provoking yet inspirational book. Its format reads similar to a devotional as each chapter deals with real-life challenges faced in a human experience. Bill’s personal testimony coupled with biblical scripturereferences and principles promotes self-reflection and the opportunity for change through a Hope in Jesus Christ.”
Barney Hilton Murray, Founder, Arizona Christian Men’s Fellowship
Bill Paige uses his personal experiences to open the reader’s mind to draw them to Christ and he uses the teachings of Jesus to show the reader how applying the scriptures can help them resolve the innermost questions about their life. He does a good job of showing the reader that the Bible is the means of deliverance and that the Scriptures really do apply to them.”
Senior Pastor Robert Colwell, Calvary Chapel Crenshaw, Los Angeles, CA
This is an honest, courageous and transparent walk by a man of God which gives witness to thepower of the Grace of God for men who have or have not fallen into temptation. Every man, whether saved or unsaved, should read this book and take a journey with Minister Paige. They will see that our only Hope is in Jesus, which leads to our rejoicing.”
Evangelist Beverly Allen, author of “Covenant Dating: The Biblical Path to Marriage”
Hope on a Rope: Lifelines for Knuckleheads was an enjoyable, encouraging hope-inspired book to read. Bill Paige accomplished what the title promised through sound biblical references and personal examples. Some books similar to this one are replete with personal experience but Bill has given us hope through Biblical principles applied and specific verses cited. Anyone reading this book, looking for hope from the Lord, will find it.”
Rev. Gary Hughes, former board member of Nyack Missionary College
Bill S. Paige’s Hope on a Rope: Lifelines for Knuckleheads is an uplifting good read for all God’s people. A riveting story unfolds that not only commands our attention but also requires us to examine ourselves to see if we are truly in the faith.”
Cheryl Dooley, commentator for Kingdom Teachers Radio Network (KTRN)